Well Hello again!

April 8, 2009 at 1:29 pm (Uncategorized)

Sup everypeoples!

Dont quite know where to start with this… I do but I’m procrastinating.
First off, many apologies to my one reader for not updating this piece of junk sooner, but a lack of much internets makes things like this difficult.

Second, the first chapter of my doujinshi is almost pencilled in. Thats correct, its still in pencil sketch stage… Still. Though there are some more images for it, I’ll get them added in at some point.

Lastly, (and his is a real kicker) I was sent home after 3 weeks of basic training *cry*.
Why? My right knee has done something really screwie: The cartiledge is loose and needs reattaching (not too bad), and then the ligaments holding the little b*£%&#d in place are anchored in such a way that its grinding down against my femur… so another 6 weeks recovery period at the very least AND I have to start basic training all over again. Oh joy.

Well, I’m off. Have an adventure… go on, you might like it.

Ps: if the thumbnail below doesnt work…. sorry, no fixee.

Yes, its big. Deal with it.

Yes, its big. Deal with it.


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